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We only work on Astons

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Yes, that’s true. Well, not exactly. Whilst we would love to lay claim to this, no less than most of us would love to own one, we don’t, and we can’t. Don’t get me wrong, Astons are lovely cars, incredibly beautiful, amazing to drive, perfect build quality, but also extremely expensive. But cost is relative.

While most of our cars won’t go 0-100 in under 3 seconds (some not even getting to 100), won’t stop traffic with its looks and may or may not pass its next MOT, to us, it’s OUR Aston.

You see, for most of us, our cars are our second most valuable purchase next to our homes. That means to each driver, it’s their pride and joy, their baby, and they look after it, love it and take good care of it. It’s their Aston.

And we look at it the same way. We often say we treat every car as if it’s our own. That means great care is taken when its with us. The interior is protected with seat covers and floor mats, cars are moved carefully around the workshop, leaving enough space to work on them, protective sheeting used to cover them when not being worked on, adjacent panels masked out to prevent overspray, keys kept securely throughout – and the list goes on.

So while we don’t care what badge is on the bonnet, we treat every car the same, as if it was an Aston, and even though most of them aren’t,

…most of them are.